I want to dye my hair. It has been forever since I last have. hmm…













Imagine your icon as the protagonist of the last show you watched

Mi ci vedo a essere la protagonista di Mario.

Pingu at the Knickerbocker…

A sim based on Astrid of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim is surviving walkers in The Walking Dead ….

The freezer bunny is a grimm?

Nix Borgia. Right.

Victoria Redwood, Queen of Scots and the (just crowned) queen of France (Reign).


So the dietitian went well today. She said I am making great improvement (no flares in 6+ weeks) and I am figuring out the first signs of irritation sooner so I can avoid full on flares.. (That being said, I still get random stomach issues linked to my anxiety but dietary changes won’t change that…). She wants me to make a list of everything I have tried/am trying so she can see an over view. I have most of that written down already so it shouldn’t be a problem. These next 6 weeks I am going to be adventurous and try at least 1 new food a week. :) We also talked about Thanksgiving (my next appointment is the day before) and about pumpkins, which lead to Halloween and how we spend it lol. Apparently children do trick or treat here in the rich neighborhoods.

Anyway, Would any one be interested in my pumpkin pie recipe? I found one years ago that I still use, modify it to my dietary needs. The dietitian wanted a copy to try. She said she always wondered what it tasted like. So I found mine to send to her.



Jag har bestämt mig för att sluta med Sims 2 på obestämd tid. Jag har inte haft ork att svara på meddelanden (varken sims-relaterade eller annat) på väldigt länge och när jag väl har svarat, uppdaterat TrappingCrushes eller TBTO så har det varit av ren och skär viljekraft. Jag orkar inte mer nu…

Thank you for everything you have done for the community. I will miss you and your creativity. I wish you nothing but the best in life.


Time for another dietitian appointment. I am testing the catrice prime and fine anti-red base again, this time with foundation. I still see the glitters but not as much from a distance. I also have some new leggings, they are fleece lined :) Some one is going to be warm today!

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Autumn in the city :)

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Product review?

Anyway I was running out of my NYC smoothing primer so I decided to try the Catrice Prime and Fine Anti Red Base. I tend to have a slightly more pink face so I though this would help even out my skin.

-Helps remove redness
-Smooth texture
-Really locks make-up in place
-No smell
-Oil free

-It has glitter in it
-Large glitters
-Feel like a disco ball

If it didn’t have glitters I would be over the moon with it. I am going to wear it all day and ask the bf how it looks (without pointing out the glitters) and see if it is noticeable by others.

The NYC smoothing primer I used has glitter in it as well but they are really fine and make you look dewy, right now I feel more like I have a disco ball for a head.

If the bf notices the glitters then I am going to being it back and see if I can exchange it for the other Catrice primer (Prime and Fine Anti Shine Base).

PS: Don’t mind the hair, I haven’t done it yet :)

In honor of Coming Out Day most of the public transportation in The Hague are flying rainbow flags :D This makes me happy.

In honor of Coming Out Day most of the public transportation in The Hague are flying rainbow flags :D This makes me happy.


I’m going to attempt to go to the center with the bf. My ankle is still a little swollen and sore so I am hoping I can get out for at least a little bit. My stomach is also doing flips today so I hope that doesn’t bother me to much as well. It does feel nice to put some make up on though :)

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Buddy is wanting to nest again. The question is do we let her or try to keep her from laying again? I wouldn’t mind some baby birds again, but then again it is such an emotional experience.